About BGH Commercial
BGH Commercial is committed to find ways in which we can reduce the negative impact on the environment

We have established an Environmental Management System that can ensure compliance with Environmental Legislation, and that is consistent with the pursuit of ecologically sustained development. BGH Commercial is committed to conducting our activities in an environmentally responsible manner, and as such will minimise risk to the environment.

The Welfare, Health and Safety of our employees is of prime concern and it is with this in mind that BGH Commercial can provide high quality services in a safe and healthy environment.

This Environment Plan (EMP) describes how BGH Commercial will formally implement systematic management techniques, which will achieve the objectives of BGH Commercials’ Health Safety and Environment Policies.

BGH Commercial has established a training management procedure that aims at ensuring that all team members are competent to implement Health Safety and Environmental Policies, and associated Management System Procedures.

All personnel are trained to:

  • Be capable of safely carrying out their duties, responsibilities, and obligations in accordance with regulatory and planned requirements
  • Fulfil their Health, Safety and Environment Management System responsibilities
  • Be aware of how their actions can influence Health, Safety and Environmental performance
  • BGH Commercial will provide safety, health and environmental induction training on commencement to all new employees or subcontractors (as applicable)
  • Training plans and activities are based on a comprehensive training-needs analysis
  • Personnel whose work can influence the significant environmental aspects or impact on the health and safety of workers and the general public shall be identified and trained, as applicable


BGH Commercial have built a working relationship with the leading commercial and government organisations
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